Thursday, March 24, 2011

When I say HI

                        floral blazer-black top-short jeans-black stocking-black oxfords-sling beg

What a big good news in this week is,my dad gonna get me a whole new camera after the old one cost me a high repair costs.wth.I'm still feeling confused about the new camera,any ideas?I really cant live without a camera,about to share all of my memorable thingy.LOL.and Wow,let's give a big clap for my self.I managed to finish a jacket and pair of palazzo in this couple weeks.*winks*Just finish sewing all the buttons(this's killing me).Between,there's a simple straight dress that I m sewing in the past few days.It looks slightly purple but i think it's so greyish.Cant wait to put in on and share it here!

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