Saturday, November 8, 2014

Macau Photo Diary.

A 4 hour flight from home and 2 nights spending in the town. I wish to exploring plenty of  fantastic tourist attractions in Macau yet walking too much along the random streets. Hunting local foods is my top to do list in the trip, been on a biscuit hunt at Macau though I'm not a fan of this cruncy snack. Apparently been wearing a lot of solid color tops and bottoms at Macau, the gloomy weather is too good to be put on some cozy sweater (dull base). 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shades of Grey.

Melange sweater c/o vintage wear - Palazzo pants c/o Duet Boutique - Nike Roshe running shoes - c/o  similar here

My pants need to be wrinkle-free after a movie date while spending an hour more sitting in a movie theatre. Recently, I'm really obsessed of wearing everything in grey - pale grey,steel grey & whatever grey. This is actually for the one who is  in a rush for going out, put on everything which have the same hues, meanwhile you are wearing perfectly nice. These are the photos I had taken before I chopped my hair off *hair flip*. Bet that you guys can really look into it in my instagram (link below the blog title). 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vietnam Photo Diary pt II


DALAT,VIETNAM - an unexpected place that really made so many memories to me. That is really nice with the chilly weather, it's kinda bad that we didn't come over with more clothes. Yet,we still feeling good while having hot soya along Ben Thanh Market's street. After dinner, we in the market and try to get some souvenirs as well. The seafood looks fresh and local iced coffee smells fantastic! We did stopped by a local book store which selling beautiful movie poster and postcards - LOTR rock in Vietnam style.It's too bad that we couldn't take any photo in it, how I wish that we can visit more than once.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vietnam Photo Diary pt I

monotone stripes t-shirt c/o H&M - midi skirt pant c/o Zara - raglan sleeve men tee & wool cap c/o Brands outlet

Greetings everyone! I've been back from my long holiday and this time I did spent a good time with the besties at Vietnam-2 hours flight from my little land. We been went to Mui Ne→Dalat→Ho Chi Minh City in a week and this was truly awesome to explore everything in this beautiful country. I pretty impress with the natural scenery and all the kind and friendly local people there. There were so many memorable moments when we taking jeep along the Mui Ne beach,trying some local foods such as spring rolls,banh mi,pho (raw & fresh!), bike riding at White Sand Dunes and even walking on the Fairy Stream with bare foots. I've been uploaded tons of photos which took in Mui Ne and there's part II to share about my days which spent in Dalat and HCMC city too, so do enjoy your weekend to read this. Happy Sunday y'all!