Saturday, April 23, 2011

You will know if I smile

selfmade turban heandband-greyish top-black short-vintage bag-oxfords

Actually I had made 2 headbands which one is red and another is black.It's pretty easy to make by just find some way to make the headbands in youtube.I love it so much and plan to sew some again,mix colour perhaps?

 I've been attending to a YMCA events few days ago,being a volunteer for ''Help us donate for Japan" event.Nothing much to do,just tried to selling some cute toy bears and ornaments to the people.Anyway, am feeling good to join this charity sales.Took some pictures outside the YMCA hall,I think the tennis court is beautiful even though I've been there a couple of I'm superb exciting that I'm having a date with the boy tomorrow.I'll bring the snacks as much as I can,chewy gummy!I can't live without this.
                                                    little girl with a big wide smile-gift for sale

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  1. great turban! I love your blog & style, i'm now following you :)