Friday, September 2, 2011

Colour your jeans.

floppy hat-thrifted lace top-diy jeans-cotton socks-sandals

I can't believe that I could find this pretty thrifted lace top in the town,it's still good in quality and the material is just so awesome.I cut off one of my mom's unused jeans into shorts,glad that she never know it before this.I went to accessories shop and get some multipurpose fabric dyes to work on my jeans.I felt regret that choose the tulip red and I swear I ll get the purple or orange colour next time ha.

That was a day I and Mei went for the launching event of MOFEW-the search.We both took part in the category of fashion design and received our first task like finally.I spent holiday time to finish the first task,it's about some of our sketch work with the theme-I Love KL.Anyway I still get a week of holidays in September and I just wanna have fun!

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