Thursday, October 13, 2011

Every rose has its thorns.

Floral hairband-DIY
White rose top-Karencyan Store
Vintage belt-FOS
Coloured jeans-DIY
Oxford laceup platform-local store

I made this floral hairband long time ago and I can put on this lovely thing finally.I found an unused hairband in my room and get all these plastic flowers for RM2 at home deco shop.Trust me that I look better in the photo cuz I feel kinda funny when look at myself in the mirror ha.And so,get this rose top in my store,there's available in white and black colour.


  1. you look lovely in all of your photos! Loving your white rosy tee :) xox

  2. love your dip-dyed denim shorts, care to share more DIY ideas? :)

  3. Thanks and I would love to share more soon! =