Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY kimono cape.

DIY kimono cape-leopard print tee-highwaist jeans-oxford shoes-leather clutch

I'm totally get ready to have my own holiday right now.There's couple of pictures I wanna share it here asap.Can't imagine how can I stay alive for last month-no lappy,no camera,and no steamboat(that's my favourites).That would be the most challenging month for me at last month and I could tough it out like finally.

Back to the post,I was wearing my DIY kimono cape.I felt lucky that I can get this lovely fabric,the colours are blended so well here.That was my tee and jeans which I usually wear for school day.I think that the diy cape was created a unique touch for the outfit,the whole combo sounds good. 


  1. great outfit and i love the sunglasses! :)

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  2. I love the DIY Kimono it's awesome, specially the print and the colours ;D

  3. where did you get your leopard top from? its lovely!

  4. Oh thanks.I got this lovely top from plaza =)