Monday, June 4, 2012

Denim from the underground.

thrifted denim shirt-white mesh t-shirt-animal print skirt-Diva necklace-white straps sandals-

The outfit is little casual and simple for the last weekend.The denim blouse is secondhand,god I madly in love with its texture,nice to goes on with the top and skirt here.The mesh t shirt is from my mom,I just don't realize that she has such a pretty piece from her wardrobe!Since my denim shorts still rolling inside washing machine,I choose to put this animal print skirt on-got it from my favourite's blogger who sell her vintage clothes in a fashion bazaar last time.

These days has been really hectic,yes I'm like a busy dude.Finish writing interview for the Lyst and an article for TM,I still gotta attend my best buddy's birthday dinner last Friday.It's tiring but still have so much fun with this! 

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  1. you look great!