Monday, June 25, 2012

It's like wishing for rain.

porcelain colour print jumper-pink skinny-neon pink beg-creeper shoes

I think it might be a little bit too much pink in all these pictures. The porcelain colour print jumper is from my mom,a pretty gorgeous piece for the chilly day,such cool way to match with the colour pants and some chunky accessories.The pastel pink skinny is from Bangkok,btw it actually doesn't make me look skinny here.I paid RM10 to get this neon pink beg and now I carrying it all day long to work and after class.Been caught instantly by the neon hue of beg and it's really a functional one. I diy my creepers by spraying the fur part of the shoes in black to make it more wearable.I love how it turns like after allthe fur part looks like a bit shiny and the shoes is in all black now.

Anyway I just get home from class then watching tv programmes with the bro.There might be a long time we didn't spend some time together, he is telling me about his school and the basketball things.I'm having some dark chocolate bites with hazelnut coffee while writing the post here,missing the afternoon tea time I had on last Saturday.There's a vintage restaurant in town,the food smells like 80's,a bottle of Stewart's Fountain classics would be so perfect with the apple crumbles.

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  1. Love the pinks in this outfit! I can never pull off pink confidently !

  2. love those pants!
    and the bracelet is perfect with your outfit :)
    jessie x
    the weekend project.