Thursday, July 5, 2012

Uncounted exposes.

scarf print tee-denim pants-denim button up skirt-creeper shoes-walking beg

The scarf print tee is one of the clothes I keep wearing on these days.It's too perfect with anything,I match it with a pair of black jeans and my DIY creeper shoes,such a simple casual way hang go out during weekends.I wanna put on a jacket with this and other ideas swirling in my head that my denim button up skirt is also a good choice here!So I put it on with the tees here,hope that I don't look so weird while walking along the street.

After browsing lotsa videos talking about DIY ombre hair from YouTube,I tried to buy hair dye product from the drugstore,can't find anything  better so I choose the red color.I keep my hair color of the upper part,then apply red color dyed for the bottom part.Love how it looks like after all,gotta try some other colors next time lol.


  1. I love both your ombre and scarf top! <3

  2. Hi Dear.. i love your blog. so im following now. mind to follow back?? :D

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