Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shoes are boring.Wear sneakers.


Handmade floral print blazer - Karencyan Store
-knitted tanks-DIY ripped jeans-Converse shoes

Had enough inspirations about floral print these days and I made a blazer after get the fabric from textile store.There's different kind of floral print in the store,I chose the one with daisy flowers.And  it's available in my store so you can have a look and grab it now. The white knitted tanks could be my all time's favourite now,keep wearing with my denims and put it on with the blazer here - such a great ensemble for the rainy day.I was so pleased that  found my ripped jeans inside the wardrobe which I usually keep wearing last time.It still looking good and what if never goes wrong with a pair of sneaker shoes? It's so comfortable for walk with a pair of Converse sneakers here.



  1. You are so talented with DIY (definitely following you for more inspiration)! This is kind of the first time I've seen floral paired with such a sporty look and I really like it. The mesh top is especially interesting layered and paired with blazer.


  2. this outfit is amazing. i have been search for a floral blazer since forever, you look good in it.

    im following i would love if you followed back as well