Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Darkest

FOS denim jacket - mesh tanks - Bangkok round skirt

Yes I dyed my hair again.It's actually dark brown but looks kinda black in all these photos here.Seems like it has been a while I dyed to black after high school year,feel so freshy after all. So I did cut the two sleeves out of this denim jacket, I love how it looks like now and gotta do some bleaching colour.There's my favourite's mesh tanks in white,I had it since I was 15.The black skirt is from Bangkok,the wine red ruffles details is so eye catching and I couldn't handle with it any more.

I took the pictures in my bf 's room after getting done of my hair colouring.We went to the thrift store and hardware shop after finish having some tidbit snacks and while watching the cheesy videos.I got some new stuffs for my next  DIY project- floral patches,fabric dye and metal locks,can't wait to post'em up!    

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