Sunday, November 18, 2012

Black in Neon.

Neon pink beanie - DIY rhinestones shirt - men's tank top - DUET skinny - Cotton on glitter socks - TaoBao ankle boots

A group of casual outfit's pictures I took after off to grocery store with my bf. It's crazy when we just head there and spent 100 bucks to buy Glaceau vitamin water and I was wondering how it would be taste like. We had some snack food at the park and the view is so lovely.  Finally I got my new beanie in neon pink ( too sick of keep wearing the black one) and two pair of new kicks. I have the black suede ankle boots with glitter lace socks here, something warm and cool for these raining days. I wore the denim shirt underneath a piece of men tank's top, with a pair of statement necklace in neon pink too. I know there's lot of girl love to put on her bf's shirt or jeans, but actually I usually own almost every piece of the men's garment I wearing. I enjoy buying men's wear, some how there are really comfort to wear.

I wake up quite early in this morning even though yesterday was spent wisely with my highschool mates. We did had a very nice trip and it's all about food ! Can't believe we keep hunting for some local and authentic food since the early morning until night time. We had some joyful and crazy moment and can't wait to upload all the pictures that I took for them. It's kind of memorable one, guess we might plan for another vacation real soon. 

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