Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Typical Angle.

Tri layer funky sunglass - Karencyan Store Embroided daisy print sheer top - DIY handmade curtain tape belt - secondhand jeans 

Just trim off my used long jeans so that I could pairing it with one of my favourite's high waist belt - I always wanted pairing the DIY curtain tape belt with the short denim jeans lol. This is the usual daily outfit I had for hanging out or go to light dinner with my bro. The black embroided daisy print top is from Karencyan Store (  restock soon) and there is available in pink and yellow color too, a piece of  lovely one goes with your denim items or flowy skirt. The tri-layer funky glasses is a pretty love, couldn't help but keep wearing it for the whole weekend. Do email me if you are interested to get one of this and you gotta love it like nobody business.


  1. Love your look, sunnies are AWESOME, I had a very similar pair but it broke ;/ totally have to buy another one, this type of glasses can "make" all outfit!

    Love, B