Monday, February 18, 2013

Neon & Black Overloads.

Neon houndstooth print long sleeve top - Handmade pvc leather skirt - Charles&Keith tote beg - Nile pointed toe flat shoes

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone. That would be the most amazing week that I spent for the entire days in this year - had great dinner with families,catching up with the old buddies and best mates,went for comedy film along with a large box of popcorn plus some snacks,and getting too much sleep just like a baby lol. I took some pictures with lil sis when paid a visit to my aunt's house. I've never been captured any photo inside the apartment before and feeling excited when people keep walking out from the lift- such a good place I should come often and also bringing my coussie some tasty junk foods.

Seems like houndstooth print is another huge hit in this season so I got a piece with long sleeve - pairing with my new handmade PVC leather skirt here. I wanna get a leather skirt so much before this yet a piece of leather skirt in best quality is kind of pricey so here goes the handmade one. The tote beg I got it from Charles & Keith which is totally matching with my whole outfits here- neon and black overloads.

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