Saturday, March 30, 2013

Foldable Me.

Vintage stripes top - Handmade PU leather skater skirt - Dr.Martens boots

This gonna be a post overloads with bunch of pictures. I took much time to arranged and edited all the photos, thanks god I could reach home earlier today so everything had been done before the bedtime.The first picture was totally my most favourite - I think I just look alike with my foldable! Received this adorable cardboard toy from few days ago, use the picker tool online to create my own character, try to use favourite lip's colour and wearing the stripes top which I prefer the most. This is an adorable one without glueing and sticking but just keep folding. I really love my foldable and keep showing to everyone just like a happy kid. Do check out the  to create yours now or it's quite a good idea sending one to your buddy as a surprise too!

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