Tuesday, March 19, 2013

James Dean.

H&M James Dean tee - Handmade PU leather skirt -H&M Hat - Cotton On Leather Bracelet - Black Strap Sandal Shoes - Vintage Leather backpack

Men tee is always my favourite going with any bottom pieces and jackets. The H&M James Dean tee is totally perfect while putting on my handmade PU leather skirt. This skirt makes me look like a chubby nanny but honestly it's too comfortable to wear. The leather necklace I'm wearing is the new double straps bracelet which bought from Cotton On , such a new nice stuff hanging around my neck lastly. The hat is from H&M, got it for RM19 when the store having sales couple months ago. 



  1. Great outfit!!!


  2. I love your outfit ! It's perfect ♡

  3. ahhh i love the Handmade PU skirt it looks so nice!! Ive been searchin the web for the perfect one !