Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jordan Wolf.

 Jordan Wolf Crewneck sweater - vintage usual jeans - vintage leather backpack - F21 metal ring - Stylenanda inspired leather sandal heels

I was wearing the crewneck sweater from Drop Dead Clothing, featuring silky feel front with soft transfer front print and totally a piece in best quality. The sweater keep me warm yet the silky part of the front let me wouldn't be sweating like a cow, kind of a terrific piece to keep wearing in this city. More broadly,nothing much better than a pair of white heels and short jeans to be completed the whole outfits here perfectly. My all time favourite's, white on white combination may have seen a lot in my daily outfits recently, not only a white top matching with some leather details, but a pair of clean white lace socks over the shoes.


  1. totally stunning look. and the shoes, they're superdupergorgeous! btw, what camera do you use?

  2. Found your instagram and finally managed to check out your blog. Really enjoyed it. Followed you on bloglovin. Another great Malaysian blogger I would really look forward to reading :D :D