Saturday, May 4, 2013

April Photo Diary.

Some pictures I've been never have a chance to post in my blog last month. Time flies and here comes the joyful month of May and there's loads of work we have to keep it up. Still enjoying reading DROPDEAD winter 2012 lookbook cuz they really have so many awesome clothing for this season - such inspiring one. There's some outfit's look I've been never share with you guys,how I miss the time I could put on the long skirt and sneakers shoes like everyday, really need much time to do thrifting and some DIY. What would be most blissful moment for a food lover discovering some nice restaurant in the weekend times? Enjoying The Bee's signature cheese burger while sipping the root beer float (best in the town) could be the best day ever I had in my life.


  1. Drop dead always have awesome stuff going on!x
    Lovely pictures x

  2. Great photos, love your outfits :) x