Monday, June 3, 2013

Willing victim.

PU leather vest c/o F21 - leopard print tshirt c/o local boutique - black midi skirt - glitter knitted socks c/o Cotton On - 420 Men's classic shoes c/o New Balance

Been skipped from my blog for a while, life's been so hectic and more exciting project is coming soon! That was an outfit post which I really want to post earlier time - keep wearing PU leather vest although the weather was scorching hot these days. I got this leopard print tshirt from a local boutique, it costs 17 bucks only and quality is pretty good. T-shirt is the best thing ever when I have no idea what to put on before heading out, a piece in large size could be cheer up my day as well. Keep wearing something about knee length pieces recently and it's too comfortable while comes with the sneaker shoes.

My day was cheering up while my principal in the academy last time who just gave me a call, she show my portfolio which I've been submitted couple months ago to a new student and yay she did recognize my work  and told that she did read my blog. Glad to hearing about this and you guys are my motivation as always to keep moving on  :)