Sunday, February 23, 2014

White Night.

 Faux leather baseball cap c/o similar here Oversized alphabet t-shirt c/o F.O.S - Chiffon pleated skirt c/o Bangkok  - Leather backpack c/o Sunway Pyramid boutique - 
PU leather ankle boots c/o similar here

There are some pictures which we took right after I got my hair colour done. Dying back hair colour to copper red and did a little trim for the roots - currently having the shortest hair length among these years, feeling fresh and it's easier to make a ponytail with this length too!  Dress down for a bit here while I feel like wearing a tee and a black pleated skirt. This is simple and quick for me to look into the wardrobe for few minutes before off to the town. Also taking a close shot for my current favourite's leather backpack, nothing is boring even though I bringing it out like everyday. 

Been really work hard to plan for my next trip lol - doing research for the travels, local foods and something interesting. This is sucks when you have nothing in mind how this far far away country is, I have a thousand words to write yet all this things make me feel awfully strange. 

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