Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tokyo Photo Diary pt1.


Back to last October when I still moving and swirling like the locals in a crowded Tokyo street, staying warm with couple cups of coffee - just like the best time of my life. This is the first part of the photos taken in Tokyo, looking forward to share more with you all soon. A five minutes walk from the JR Maihama Station, I arrive to the happiest place on earth - Disneyland! There's a magical place where bringing back my childhood memories and the classic Cinderella song also keep playing in my mind. Also, let's not forget to mention Japanese food - a big fan of udon soup. Loving it so much I could eat it any time in a day. The salmon sashimi is a must try in this trip but in the end we found out that sea urchin slices are surprisingly good. ( I need this now please). Missing Tokyo after home and really get to explore some other places in Japan soon xxx

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