Sunday, September 19, 2010

I love holidays.I love to spend my holidays with all my lovieees♥So,I and my ex-school mates went to Malacca for a simple yet enjoyable one day trip.and we had not  planned so much for it was just so sweet to stay with you all guys,hunting food and food-taking pictures and pictures.=)

Mickey's top-black denim shorts-beige sandals.
That's what i wear for this freaking scorching hot day,haha.Simple tee and a pair of short jeans,whoa it's superduper comfy.and next,all of us were starving and started to hunt some food.We had lotsa local famous food  and then went for shopping after that.

Favourite pic of the day♥
my dear Mute.

Feeling great for spending quality time with the awaiting for our next vacation to Sabah,and that time i gonna bring on my new 8 eyes boot!wee.

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