Wednesday, September 29, 2010

School life’s getting hectic.Whoa.I’m such a wimp for doing nothing  at school  in this couple weeks.Hmm,just  don’t feel like doing anything in the school although I had been  promised myself to sew a pair of maxi dress,pleated skirt and the military jacket.Duh! It’s always easier said than done.Well,I might have a good plan for the next week,lol.

Oh I do love to go to school and  wearing casual thingy,big tee shirt,oversized tank top,short jeans and denim blouse.aha,I am a BOY.and this is what I’m wearing for my 1st day of the school.I’m look so boyish with this baseball jersey and the boots.I love this jersey so much.Guess what, I get it for free.Thanks  Endy for present me this.aha.My black cotton backpack.I found it under my desk  and I feel so surprise to see it again.Lol,it’s a beg I were  keep  using  in my high school year.Yet,it looks good still.Whoa,here is the eight  eyes boots I bought when I went to Malacca last two weeks.and it’s my superd most favourite’s now.aha.I wish to wear it everyday,with skinny,with stocking,with the denim shorts.,I’m sho exciting now yey.

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