Saturday, January 8, 2011

New wish.

This is my very first post in year 2011.Shooting my latest peep toe wedges with the purple knitted blouse and my favourite highwaist shorts.I love my new wedges,all black and detailing with some silver rivets,so rockY.Yea.I gotta get some new socks and leg warmers for it.Going to rip my old socks,perhaps? also,I got this purple knitted blouse when I went to warehouse sales.I'm so amazed with the purple-red colour and the material.Between,it's only cost me 4 bucks.

In a brand new year,I still continue my third year studies.I found that there are so many COAT patterns in my text book.Man coat,French coat...I hate all of these.It's so hard for me to sew the coat collars in a perfect way.arghh.Okay,i ll tough it out,SOON.and I still need to rush for my sketch work,which is killing me the most.Aaa,i need some cooling drink now.Nitez.

1 comment:

  1. I love the knitted top, really cute :) I always wanted one haha