Monday, October 4, 2010

This is the darn worst week I’d been ever had.I were in the bad mood for these days and felt so down.Keep running to hospital due to some personal problem  and I skipped my school class for 2,I had a big argument with my lovely daddy.FML.I’m totally in the mess. Talk about my daddy,he was kept complaining that I get home so late and behave too OVER  recently.Omg my daddy starts to sound like my mom.Urghh.

Well,forget about all those shitty thingy.I felt so lucky  getting some bargain stuff again.aha.Guess what,I went for  grocery shopping on last Wednesday and I found some adorable accessories with superb cheappie price  in the supermarket! LOL,good fortune smiling on me again.I m lack of accessories now and I wish to get some  silver detailing and colourful  beading for  everyday’s wear.

GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK.i  witnessed this slogan in STYLE magazine.l love green especially the army-green.So good is the textile store selling everything in green---Chiffon silk in green,polyster in green,japan cotton in green,satin silk in green.whoa,I m thinking of sewing a piece of jacket now.Military  jac! Ahem,back to the my life,I m actually making a blouse with peter-pan collared for myself.Aha,gonna post it  on my next next post.xoxo.

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