Monday, February 21, 2011

Oops.I know that my pictures here is oh so not clear.Yay,i was falling down my camera again,seriously.I ve been tried to edit my pictures after that,but failed at the end.No doubt i need a new one.LOL.okay,this is a post talking about my last Valentine's day.The top i m wearing which is made by my ownself,black satin-silk combined with the chiffon in tan colour.I love anything in stripes pattern,so i m going to sew this piece before new year.and the funniest thing is,my friend even think there is a piece frm Topshop.Oops sorry,lol. My boyfriend surprised me a romantic celebration,thank you my love.We had our dinner at Yuzu,The Garden's Mall.It is a superb nice and gorgeous japanese cuisine restaurant.I love the teppanyaki beef there,yums.And we headed to his house after dinner.Wow,it was a really big surprise at the end.My B was decorated his room with roses and candles.The song 'Wonderful Tonight' was playing in the room,it's my favourite song =) 

I will never let you go.

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