Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    I was feeling great and suprised when i found this gorgeous  blouse in a thrift store where       located at my school nearby.It is darn cheap by costs me RM15.Super in love with the blouse       with USA logo.i wish i m a american now!LOL

 I'm still enjoying my school holiday which lasting for a month.Feeling good that I have much times to spend with my family and boyfriend.And also,catching up with my girls.It's already mid of FEB,I realized that i did so little shopping in this month. Err,I totally wanna grab so much things for myself--- bowler hat,new pair of round shades,warmy stocking and a slingy beg in crimson red.Besides,this is the last day for Lunar New year.Nothing is special because i m not going to any celebration.LOL.

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