Sunday, April 17, 2011

Audrey Hepburn

                        round shades-white tee-ripped short jeans-beige socks-oxfords-Mango beg

I bought this lovely tee when there was new year in this year.It's audrey hepburn in cartoon style,cute to the max!and I always pleased to get some cheap price yet awesome stuff - round shades for rm15 & socks in beige for rm2.LOL.

Sunday is always awesome for me because I could stay at home by put on my tee in extra large size and tied up all of my hair---no jeans no heels no make up.I spending this Sunday with my sewing machine.Am tried to making turban headband and detachable collar.and finally ended up with two headbands and a collar.Hooray,and now I have new accesories without spending any $ !

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