Thursday, April 14, 2011

Started with your own show mr.Tony

gorgeous smokey eye done & butt loads of hair spray

before show.with the models.

after show.with the models and my hair stylists William

Okay it's superb crazy there's two new posts in one day.Means what?I'm totally free today! No class no work,I'm a freshly freebie.Stuck my ass on the couch-sipping orange juice-playing Ipod and update my blog too,I'm good enough. =))

This is a post about last Sunday.I went to Tony and Guy graduation show bcc 3 for helping my hair stylist friend William.He needed a model to set french roll.Heavy smoky eye make up and butt loads of hairspray make my day.duh.Between this,spotted my fav clogs in the last second picture?Yea,I exchanged my shoes with another pretty girl.I love her heels too,branded Nose,sexy and gorgeous!Yet I still met some awesome new friends there and had lotsa fun.What's the worst thing is,I had only half pack of meal for whole day long.I can't live without food!Ooh,can't imagine how is the models ll be survived.

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