Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer memories,Popsicle party.

                                     selfmade shawls-ripped jeans-vintage clutch-black heels

Am making the shawl with nude pink polyster and black chiffon cotton.I so in love anything in nude sheer so making myself a shawl in nude.Between this,I made two holes in the front of the piece which isn't include in my dressmaking text book.Lol,even my teacher  also doubt with the design.Anyway,I love the shawl at the end and especially adore these silver knot-liked buttons!So suprise when I got this in the accesorise shop.

I took all these picture in the early morning,I could barely open my sleepy eyes,seriously.Okay,no games anymore.oh I mean,I'm a big fan of  word games.I'm too addicted  to word games till that I could play the games everynight before I off to bed,lol.Am wearing the heels which I bought it one year ago,yet it still looks great with the colour socks.Usually I can get some nice socks and leggings in the flea market,and this cute mustard yellow socks just costs me rm2.

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