Friday, April 29, 2011

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.

self made long over coat-floral tank top-short jeans-vintage boots-Mango bag
main street of Colmar tropicale-ornament souvenirs-the only clown-pair of swans-croissant

I had an awesome 2D1N trip to this frenc theme village with my bf.The place was quite nice and so happy to indulge ourselve in this fresh and cooling day.We browsed around and took some pictures before check in to the hotel room,there was only few people in the town although it was Sunday.Then,had a quick lunch at La 

Finally I can wear the long coat after finish making it few months ago.It's super crazy if I put it on and walk around in KL town.Sure I will be sweat like a pig under the giant spotlight,lol.I tried to get some fabrics in crimson red for it.Besides,I made the borders with darker colour and sew it with two big vintage liked button in gold colour.

Next stop,Le Blason.

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  1. super cool blazer!!I really like this look!
    I am so glad to find your blog!!