Monday, May 23, 2011

Love turns to grey.


              selfmade turban headband-grey top with pocket-pleated skirt-grey socks-pink oxfords-    bohemian style long necklace

I bought this black chiffon-silk pleated skirt couple times ago and I just left it in the wardrobe.Finally I wear it to the school and something funny was happened.My teacher pointed to my skirt and shouted in front of the classmates:'"I have one when I was a teenage!''Okay,I'm just look like a granny on that I'm wearing the black turban headband which made it by myself  one month ago.Thank god that I have this cool thing,and I just put it on straightly after I woke up in this early morning.

Gonna hang out with my longtimenosee highschool mates tonight.I'm so exciting since there's already half a year when the last time we met.I miss them so much even more than the bf.ha.