Saturday, May 21, 2011

Malaysia's Next Top Female Blogger 2011

WOW.I found this amazing header when I looking for Sandra Azwan's blog.He's having a contest now and you have a  a chance to be one of the lucky TOP 30.

1) Tell us about your blog in 70 words or less. 
I started everything in year 2010.I start to own a blog because I'd like to have a corner or place for me to share everything in fashion to all who also keen in it.I could have my own thoughts,own words and own story here. Sometimes I'll share the inspiration of  my outfit wear or dressmaking thingy(Am a fashion design student) here.I usually update my blog  twice a week,but sometimes I ll neglect my blog  if I'm busy for school and work.I love reading all of my readers's words,they're motivating me,always.

2) What is your personal style?
I adore everything in vintage style.I love wearing polka dots,peter-pan collars and granny accessories,but a big cross for high neck pattern.If I'm in a down mood,I love to put on everything in black.Stockings and hats is the most favourite accessories for matching.I prefer boyish style more than I'm dressing like a perfect lady,lol. And I can't live with out my accesories.There could make me to look like more stylish  when I just only wear something simple indeed.I'm not wearing the latest one perhaps,because I'm not a supermodel with perfect body figure.So there's could be something which doesn't suit for me.Put on anything  which could make my day,that's it.

3) A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits:

4) Are you the next Malaysia’s Top Female Blogger 2011? Why?
I wish I can be the one in top 30.I would like to share about fashion,inspiration and my very own thoughts to you all.I prefer to meet new friends from anywhere,with the one who would like to share. =)Between this,I wish to share my dressmaking work to you all and I hope know more things about it.I'll appreciate to the one who give me the response,opinions and comments.

5) I love to read ‘Life with Sandra…..’ because? 
That's the only thing I love.I love Sandra's very personal style.He has his very own thinking  in his work. and admire his super amazing drawing skills because I  also love to do thinking with pencil,lol.Feel relax ingand have fun when reading his blog,he can insprire me a lot.I love to read when he is writs about fashion and trends stuff.I enjoy with the pictures and words.Lastly,I wish I can show  my sketch book to him if I have the chance.ha.


  1. Hello Karen...thank you for ur style and blog! Keep it up! Good luck!;-)

  2. hey there..omg! Love ur style!! ^_^

  3. Hey Sandra,so suprise to see your words! thanks anyway =)

  4. HEllo to Finie =) thanks for your visit.and nice to meet you.