Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Giving flower.

Mom's floral blazer-white lace top-button jeans-peep toe clogs

I love finding some stunning stuffs in my mom's closet.She has so many amazing skirts and top pieces which really driving me crazy.And this vintage floral blazer is one of my favourite's from my mom.The floral pattern is cute enough!A pair of button short jeans from my sis and the grey panty hose which I only wear once before this.I gonna grab some colour stocking since all of mine is fully black.

Did some photoshoot with my classmate Mei after lunch.We wanted a quite place with fantastic nature and we found it.It's so pleased to have some great time with her in the afternoon and I was sweating like a piggie after this.I shouldn't smile like a sun in this too-hot-day.


  1. I love your whole outfit! and the floral top is stunning! :D I like your shoes too :D