Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Listen to the old brag of my heart,I am.

boho scarf-thrifted oversize blouse-white spaghetti top-ripped jeans-beige socks-vintage wedges

I'm actually just spent my whole morning in the saloon when I have all these pictures after home.and I gonna rush to school,thanks that I could make all the things on time.I found this lovely boho scarf when I was buying some fabrics with the schoolmate.There's red and brown for this,I choose the brown one.It's better to take the safety risk,lol.and it just costs me rm7.Am wearing this thrifted blouse with the spaghetti top,I can imagine how lovely are they put together with the ripped jeans.The sweetiest thing is,my vintage belt never failed when it comes with the jeans,eventhough I already wear it for thousand times.I bought this ohsogirly wedges from Treats store.I wish to have a pair of new wedges,but it's too bad that I can't find my favourite one,so I just grab this before I go home.I adore the shoes's colour,and feel pleased that it totally looks fascinating with the socks.

Finally,my hectic weekend is over.I think I can getting 24 hours of sleep from now because I'm tired like hell after came back from the bazaar.I'd a little for sale on Sunday,there's only two skirts were sold.Yet I had learned a lot after all,will do better for the next time,ha.Lastly,the turqoise voile textured skirt which you can find in the previous post has been sold,feeling good.


  1. love how you used the scarf as a headband! :) your shorts are great too! :)


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