Thursday, June 2, 2011

HFW day four.

vintage long sleeve blouse-lace top-DIY selfmade skirt-beige+grey socks-Vincci heels-bowler hat

Thursday night ll be the great night for a date with my bf since I don't have class on this day.We usually have an easy dinner and then go for a little walk or catch up a flick.I'm not a big fan of lady's skirt but I have to because bf will always thumbs up for my lovely skirt,lol.Am wearing the long sleeve blouse which I'm so in love with it recently.and I top it with the black lace top from my sis.I have some silver detailing for my outfit especially the F21 necklace,super adore the design and it just costs me rm15.I used to get some bargains when there's a great sale at F21,everything is just worth to buy!Spot the skirt?This is a piece of voile textured skirt which I sew it to sell on the bazaar.I had two of this,turqoise and black colour.It's good to see my foot wear since I made the front part shorter than the back.I have two pairs of socks here,actually.I love the mixture of colour here,feel warm.

Feel free to visit my booth where located at KL bazaar,Solaris Mont Kiara in this coming Sunday.Some unique and vintage pieces are going to share with all of you.Thanks =)


  1. Beautiful outfit! I like the ring and the necklace! :D

  2. love the blouse! and the elton john-esque glasses! hehe

    Click here for my date night look>> [] xx

  3. I loove your glasses, hat and shirt!