Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awful purple.

selfmade turban headband-graphic printed blouse-ripped jeans-oxford shoes

Awful Saturday,me and Mei had a bazaar booth at Viva la Bazaar,Times Square.The vintage accessories shown in the pictures are something that we sold in the bazaar,in cheap price by the way.We're late and started to set up everything around 1pm,gawd.Luckily we still could manage it and all the things went off well.That was almost a perfect weekend,had some drinks with the highschool mates in the night.I love all the musics playing in the pub,we're all like getting crunk-crazy and drunk people!

Okay moving back to here,I was wearing the graphic print blouse from my mom,Cotton on usual jeans and 
oxford shoes from local store.I love the beautiful print on the blouse,so simple match with my jeans and shoes with a purple touch.I was wondered how was my mom had all this pretty blouses in her closet,lol. And I can't get over how well is the DIY headband with the blouse here,an unexpected colour combination.Gonna get myself some new shoes asap,I can't find something in the cabinet anymore,like seriously.


  1. wow love the vintage accessories! :) that blouse is so bright, love that retro pattern! :)


  2. I love purple! I love how you paired your style with that opaque tights! I love the accessories too!