Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nobody is perfect.

oversized knitted top-vest blouse-grey top-cargo pant-lace up boots-tote beg

I was wearing the rm5 bargain knitted top from local store,layered with the brown vest blouse from DUET and F21 tank top.This knitted top is just like one of my dad's one, I love this pretty much,it's too good to be true.I forget how long am I stuck this pant  inside the wardrobe,it's really good for school day and the loose cutting design is perfect.There's a Cleef tote bag  from my sis which I never use it actually.Got new pairs of sandals yesterday and I super love it,gonna post it here


  1. great look! I love the boots <33


  2. that vest is to awesome! I love those shoes too :)