Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I smile in your face.

bowler hat-red  stitched top-tight skirt-hearts printed socks-sandals

I've been wearing lotsa red recently.Don't know what's the reason that I feel like wearing tons of colours now,but I still prefer dark or earth tones as well.I was wearing the red stitched top from my mom and the layered tight skirt from Kitschen store.Here comes with my new favourite sandals in red,wearing it with a pair of hearts printed socks.Can't stop staring at this sandals and I get it at lowest price(ever),love it.

Am so effing tired after the night celebrating Mei's 21st birthday at Kajang Mewah Club.Enjoying meet with the old schoolmates and seniors,we had so much fun there.And the tropical fruit juice is such a good choice for me,it is great for the season and everything in the jug is vibrant in colour plus taste great,miss this so much. 

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