Thursday, July 21, 2011

Take me home.

beige top-black short jeans-lace sotcking-peep toe clogs

It's been a long time since my last post,my laptop wasn't with me this few days and I just can do nothing at home,urghhh.That was a sweet day with lovely weather,I finally had a chance to wear my new lace stocking here.Unfortunately,it's quality was too bad.I ruined it eventhough this is the first time I wore it.I was wearing a beige top from the local store.Love the this texture and the design of its shoulder part,it makes me look more feminine here.Besides,I had some coolest things on my neck.There was some long necklaces here which gave a casual touch to my outfit.

I've been skip school so much recently and havent got much done in the last few days.Thank god that I was finish my bodysuit and a maxi skirt in this week,feeling good!.Am going to dinner with my mom later,then I need to stay at home and flip through every issues of the fashion magazines,looking some way to clear out my mind for the new inspiration,lol.

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