Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where dreams never come true.

 logo tee-leopard printed belt-long pants-cotton sock-oxford shoes-vintage beg

That's WOW when I spotted this fake chanel logo shirt in a local store.The logo actually made by more than 100 white pearls which I'm deeply in love with.This is so classic when all these pretty white beads put on the black shirt and the shirt just costs rm25.I managed to wear my mom's pants and the colour in crimson red was just so amazing.Folded my pant slightly higher to transform it into three quarter pant and here comes the cotton socks and black oxfords.They're always perfect match.

This is OMG shit that I look like chubby bunny here,sigh I really need to work out more.Tried to blog yesterday but don't have so much time since I had a fun date night with friends.We had some juice and coffee at Lake view cafe after dinner,non stop talking about music and some lame jokes ha.They are some awesome peoples which I just love to hang around with.Well that's my jumping shot in the last picture,my frined Mei did a great job for taking this ha so enjoy.


  1. fantastic style!!!! lovely red pant!!! :O)

  2. I love your trousers,such a great find on the shirt! :)

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :)

  3. stumbled upon your blog today and i am so glad i did. haha.. i love your blog! and i love your style! =D

    I Am Dollparts