Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heaven scent.


bowler hat-selfmade buttons blazer-selfmade crimson red dress-denim blouse-dr.martens boots

That's my sis's denim blouse,works with my buttons blazer and cotton dress in crimson red.I love this camel brown blazer which I made it for last year with lotsa different kinds of golden buttons,it's such a warm coat for the chill day here.Thank god that I still have some of this pretty fabric,I can do something else with it. The red cotton dress is actually a FAIL dress I made it into tooextralarge size,but it still looks good with the other pieces here ha.


  1. i cant believe you made most of your outfit, its so gorgeous. especially love the hat and blazer! <3

    jessie x

    the weekend project.

  2. What a badass outfit; the vibe is really awesome. Love your Dr. Martens! They're too cool.