Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three shirts.

3 shirts-cotton socks-white stripes sandals

I was wearing three shirts here and my denim light blue shirt as the skirt.Spot this oversize lime green men shirt,it's actually from my dad and I feeling suprised that this extra large piece could be an eye catching idea with my neon pink collar top.Pairing with my off white stripes sandals and it really good to walk.I'd never have the guts to try this colour combination before,but I feeling good right now ha.


  1. hi dear! i found your blog off lookbook and i really love your style!
    i'll be following you :)
    it would be lovely if you wanted to follow back :)

    keep it up, cant wait to see more!

    jessie x

    the weekend project.

  2. Hi!! I love your look, the blouse is gorgeous!