Thursday, September 15, 2011

Break the rules.


oversize blouse-DIY necklace-jeans skirt-oxford laceup platform

I kept my mind of making this neon pink chain necklace when browsing around in the hardware shop.I bought a packet of multi purpose chain(RM2) from the shop and it's being worn as my necklace now.I having one heck of a time getting some accessories to fit this orange blouse and I found it adds a 80's smooth silhouette with the necklaces here.Feel speechless when a random woman keep starring on my necklace and told me that she usually use this chain for hanging the wet clothes.Hmmm.

Spend so much time staying at home recently,I could enjoy watching my favourite's tv drama and have some crap talk with my mom after dinner ha.Also love my mom's cooking and enjoy playing with my kittens.They are growing up faster and now,sleeping on the rug that beside me.Love you all!


  1. you're such an inspiration, i love your style!

    jessie x

    the weekend project.

  2. Seriously loving your style dear!! That's so funny that the lady said that to you about your necklace, but great work with making it :D looks like fun to wear, definitely brightens up outfits!

    I'm a new follower <3

  3. Where'd you get those platform oxfords from?

  4. Wow amazing outfit!!!! Love your style!!!

    Daniella xox