Friday, October 7, 2011

Go on and try to tear me down.

thrifted lace top and necklace-flea market
handmade grey tones sheer skirt-Karencyan Store
biker short-vintage
Doc Martin's boot-local store

So great that I'm cleaning up the mess and get some time to blog,feel exciting that there's still somemore outfit posts to share it out here.Get the necklace for RM15 when browsing around in bazaar,I still remember the girl who sell this for me,she did had some lovely look.There was one of my favourite's laces piece and biker short from mom,those fit in to the handmade sheer skirt so well.This skirt is actually has three tones colour but can't see clearly here,quite soft material  and please check this out in my FB page too.


  1. I love your outfit!
    It's so perfect! The skirt is beautiful!
    Amazing blog!!!


  2. I hyped this look on lookbook just now!!!! Love this outfit and you have a great blog!!!

    Daniella xox