Friday, November 25, 2011

HFW-Finally I can see you crystal clear


Denim jacket-F.O.S
Knitted top-mom
Sheer skirt-Karencyan store
platform creeper-local store

Sometimes I wish I was a fashion journalism,just like a fashion writer.The work of a journalism can be quite fun for me,formulating and style a fashion shoot,or editing articles or spending time for researching interviews.Then I ll be absolutely loving this perfect life,lol.And back to here,I was wearing F.O.S denim jacket and my mom's knitted tank top.That was her favourite knitwear last time,I can see this white top in most of my mom's photo when she's still a teenage girl.This is the sheer skirt from Karencyan store,one of the favourite's maxi I've made.Email me if you like to have one!

HFW 2011.It's almost here.I had so much fun from the last participation,so don't wanna miss anything in this time.Click for the HFW badges for more details.  


  1. I'm totally in love with this outfit!

  2. your creepers are so amazing. and although they are not prada's, who cares? they dont look fake at all!!!

  3. Gorgeous Look i love the shoe and jacket x

  4. I like your skirt, it's so awesome!