Sunday, November 20, 2011


bowler-chiffon top-harem pant-off white stripes sandals

Finally I have a bowler which suit for my outfits here.There’s a gift from my friend who just finish her trip from Paris.There’s such a lovely gift,I love the feather decoration on the side of the hat and this is a very good inspiration for my DIY work too,ha.I was wearing chiffon tank top with two pockets there,just think that it looks great with the harem pant here.Pairing them with studded belt and a pair of round shades,this is totally brighten up my day.Accessories are from Karencyan store.I tried to make the pant into three quarter pant and wearing the stripes sandals.It’s a pair that good for walk though.

What is the most interesting part is,I got the passes to MIFW 2011 from Ginny yesterday!Can't imagine how I feel when get all the passes and I could meet with one of my favourite blogger Sandra Azwan with his latest collection there.


  1. Hi there, love your blog. Thanks for mentioning me. :)


  2. Good to see you here my dear and you are welcome =)

  3. Blog about it! And I love how creative u design ur clothes. ;)