Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MIFW 2011


There're couple of pictures I took in MIFW BDA (Malaysia International Fashion Weekend Bumiputra designer Arena)2011.Such a very good experience for me and Mei that have a great opportunity to meet with other designers and their fascinating and talented works.What impressed me the most is,I can have a chance to stand close with one of my favourite designer Sandra Azwan in the afternoon showcase.His new collection is just so FAB.We had some fresh lemon tea and delicious baked rice after the first show.I was suffered in this hot weather,that would be great if I had half gallon ice tea haha.


  1. I really like the photos, they're amazing!


  2. totally love your blog!!! Follow u asap! Keep it up~

  3. wonderful post!
    congratulations honey!
    xoxo =D