Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Classy Rock Bottom

 duo tones sunglass-sheer top-DIY detachable collar-high waist pant-courier bag-leopard creeper

I love all these pictures.Especially my new purchase oh this gorgeous comfy leopard creeper shoes.I bought it from  DUET in a really cheap price before the new year.The top is from Chachimewe ,please go check it out and there's lotsa nice stuff there!IGuess that I'm not really into long pant recently,but this plum red high waist pant is totally awesome when I spot it in the store.I swear that I gonna wear it again and again ha.The duo tones sunglass is from Brand's outlet store and I get another vintage one in brown too.Also,I've made a detachable collar with some plain black and leopard print fabric which I left in the class.Looks like it's a fun way adding a DIY collar to the outfits here.

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