Sunday, February 5, 2012

A moment you can hardly breathe.

thrifted white blouse-studded jeans-knee high socks-leopard creepers-duo-tones shade

A big WOW for this gorgeous studded jeans.I always want a pair of jeans like this and can't believe that I keep wearing it again and again in this couple weeks.There's a thrifted white blouse,kinda easy to go with everything I have in my closet.I love wearing it with the jeans and midi skirt too,looks simple chic and so comfortable.I got this pair of socks from Cotton On,just grab from the store very quickly while it just costs me only RM5! The leopard creepers is my new favourite's now,I keep pairing them with my daily outfits and it's so good for walk.

I'm still in holiday and spent some wonderful time with the high-school mates last night.I had some orange lemon juice while playing cards, and went home after 2am. This is bad cuz I was bearly able to wake up in this early morning,oh my coffee doesn't  working at all.  


  1. love your shorts and creepers, such a good look!


  2. wish i could pull off leopard creepers like you do!
    and those shorts are to die for! <3
    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  3. Cool studded shorts!!

    Hybrid Hunter